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Whether you need one truckload per year or two truckloads per day, we can manufacture and deliver your custom pallets to you facility -- on time and built right. We can do this because of our network of manufacturing partners throughout the region. We often utilize more than one facility to meet your demand, if circumstance demands. HT and Non-HT 48x40 GMAs in stock. Need a load today? Call - 610-614-1905

Is your pallet the right design? We can help with design options to lower cost or improve performance. We can often make changes to solve an issue without increasing unit cost.

New pallets are made from green lumber, which has a moisture content of around 40%. When pallets are shipped with higher moisture contents and left in a dark area with no air flow, mold will grow and could contaminate the pallet. We can dry your new pallets down to a level of moisture <20% insuring against mold before delivery. Our kilns are state of the art, treating numerous loads at a time. If you’re a PHARMA customer or working with the PHARMA industry this is especially important. This is different than the standard HT process for export. Achieving this goal takes longer and speaks to moisture content rather than just temperature.

Multiple manufacturing locations guarantees that in the case of a catastrophic loss at one location we can shift pallet making to another location, keeping your pallet supply chain intact and viable.

We make high quality custom crates from new material only. If you have a large piece of machinery or a unique part, we can build a crate to your specifications. Our crates have been shipped all over the world without any failures and or problems with quarantine at the destination.

48x40 GMA STYLE, As Bs. Lower quality lower unit costs compared to new pallets. Specifications tend to be subjective throughout the region so we can check your application and advise on a best course. Odds are, if you shop us for used pallets you already know what you are looking for.

We are a reliable, experienced supply chain partner to many lean manufacturers, dedicated to pallet deliveries when you need them. We work hand in hand directly with your receivers and shippers to make sure the truck is there when we say it will be, 24/7. If we have the load in inventory, we can often deliver in hours.

We can fix your poor-quality pallets. Some pallet makers don’t care about the quality of the pallets they deliver. Our employees and suppliers drive our excellence and quality, from the truck load of lumber coming into our yard to the board in a nailing machine to the stack loaded onto the truck. Some pallet vendors routinely fail to deliver to your facility when they say they will. Our confirmed delivery dates and times are guaranteed. We learn your seasonal demand cycles, as well as, daily demand cycles in order to prevent stop gaps to your manufacturing process by reminding you to check your pallet inventory.

We are proud to partner with facilities that are constantly updating equipment and technology to increase efficiency. We love visitors! Come tour our facilities any time.

A strict NET 30 DAYS from date of delivery. No exceptions.